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AMPAM is California's #1 design-build multifamily residential plumbing subcontractor, specializing in high-rise, multi-use, student and senior housing.
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AMPAM Resources

AMPAM Overview

AMPAM’s History & Processes

AMPAM started as a family company more than 40 years ago. Learn more about AMPAM, our history, our design-build processes and see where we’re headed to next.

AMPAM Fun Facts - An Infographic

AMPAM Fun Facts

Here are some fun Infographics about AMPAM, its history, its work and clients. And, how many hundreds of toilets, and millions of feet of pipe we’ve installed over the years.



About AMPAM - A Video


Here is a brief video on AMPAM, one of the nation’s top, and California’s #1 plumbing subcontractor. You’ll see our offices, our Fab Warehouse, and the team that makes the magic happen everyday.