AMPAM Parks Mechanical | AMPAM is California's #1 design-build multifamily residential plumbing subcontractor. Our plumbing specialty is design-build for high-rise, mixed-use, hospitality, senior and student housing.
AMPAM is California's #1 design-build multifamily residential plumbing subcontractor, specializing in high-rise, multi-use, student and senior housing.
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#1 Multifamily Residential Plumbing Subcontractor

AMPAM is California’s #1 design-build multifamily residential plumbing subcontractor. We’ve helped construct 100,000 units over the past three decades. We specialize in multifamily, hospitality, high-rise, multi-use, senior and student housing. Our design-build process is the backbone of our business, and it’s what helped make AMPAM the industry leader in multifamily residential plumbing. Fabrication takes place in our pre-fab warehouse facility next to our corporate offices in Carson, California. Cutsheets are developed from isometric drawings, and pre-fab materials are collected from existing inventory. We custom cut our ABS, cast iron, copper, CPVC, Pex, CSST and black pipes in the warehouse and assemble them for all project waste, storm, water and gas systems. Our logistics team then loads the materials on our vehicles and our heavy equipment fleet logistics team delivers pre-fab to project construction job sites all throughout the state of California.

AMPAM Values

AMPAM has been in business for more than 34 years. We started as a family business and over the years built up a highly educated, skilled and talented team. We are committed to our clients and projects, and the valuable knowledge and experience we’ve gained from our specialized work in design-build plumbing helps ensure we deliver our best work to you. We strive to complete all projects on time and to the satisfaction of the Owner and General Contractor. AMPAM’s plumbing engineers, pre-fab, packaging and logistics teams work closely together to ensure your project needs are met. Every stage of your project is critical to us, from engineering to the finished job. Our plumbing systems experts productionize their efforts with the fabricated product to ensure efficient, high quality installations. Our office team and support staff work diligently to ensure your project progressing on time and budget. We have fine-tuned our process to bring quality and value to you.